UV-C Sanitizing Light Disinfection Replacement Bulbs (For Glow Tower & Glow Trolley)

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Don't Just Clean. UV-Clean.

UV-C is a proven disinfecting technology used effectively against viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens¹. It has been used in the sanitization of hospitals, airplanes, food, and water for the past 100+ years. Professional medical-grade UV-C products are the obvious sanitization choice because it is the quick and easy cleaning method that doesn't require chemicals, heat, or waste-products. UV-C technology used to be cost-prohibitive and only available for commercial use, but now you can safely sanitize surfaces and the air around you targeting microorganisms at the molecular level. 

Ultra-violet rays easily penetrate through the cell walls of bio-contaminants (germs) into the molecular structure of their DNA & RNA (nucleic acids). This effectively leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions, replicate, and cause illness. This means bad news germs, good news for you! Our products have taken this UV-C technology to help you and your loved ones stay safe and protected. 

Science Backed Test Results UV-C Emitting products: A useful tool to defend against germs and pathogens. This graph depicts the potency of UV-C against common (and not so common) germs over time and exposure to UV-C.

Image Reference: Global Lighting Association LED-Professional "Safety Guidelines for UV-C Disinfecting Devices" from Seoul Semiconductor Jun 02, 2020 
Article Reference: [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3831650/

Still seeking more proof you can see with your very own eyes? Check out the "Banana Test" method to verify if your UV-C product is working



UV-C replacement light bulbs for use with Glow Tower (uses 1 bulb) & Glow Trolley (uses 2 bulbs) room lamp sanitizers


Name UV-C Disinfection Lamp (Ozone-Free)
Material Double-tube quartz 
Wavelength 253.7 nm
Length 8.66 inches (220mm)
Voltage 103 V 
Power 55 W
Base 4-Pin on Single End 2G11
Base Material Ceramic
Bulb Shape Twin-Tube T16
UV-C Rating 10,000 hours of use @ 254 nm wavelength
Application Uses

Home: Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, children's play areas, office, etc

Business: Medical offices, dental offices, yoga studios, casinos, restrooms, post offices, etc.

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