PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter (Standard)

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Bye-Bye Pollutants

PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter (Standard)

Whether it comes from the car, the neighbor's cooking, or any other smoke source in your home, this 5 Layer Anti-Haze Carbon Filter can filter pollutants out of indoor air efficiently and effectively. Its activated carbon layer is printed with tiny holes that have a strong adsorption ability to filter pollutants. Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, it has good flexibility characteristics and owns excellent air filtering efficiency.

Indoor and outdoor protection for the whole family

Our 5 layers activated carbon filter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially when you want to remove smoke pollution. It can also effectively remove the odors produced by pets and cigarettes. Moreover, it can offer your family better air quality with a fresh smell.


Fresh air all day, every day!

Activated carbon filter: 5 layers anti-haze replaceable activated carbon paper + non-woven fabric, ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER purifies the air, removes various odors, eliminates air pollutants maintaining fresh air.

  • Item: PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter (Standard) (20 pcs)

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